Điều kiện bảo hành không tốt khi mua Wired Bike Bicycle Cycling Computer Odometer Speedometer Touch Button LCD Backlight Backlit Water-resistant Multifunction Blue - Intl

Easy installation, good durability Powered by CR2032 battery.Cyber LCD Cycling Bike Bicycle Computer 1 Sensor 2 Adhesive Velcro 1 Set of Four 10K Resistors For Safe Operation Set of Two 1K Resistors For Safe Operation Pin Connections 1.0oz Package size Approx.

LCD Cycling Bike Bicycle Cycle Computer Odometer Speedometer Waterproof LED Backlight

Specifications Brand BoGeer Model YT 813 Material ABS Voltage DC3V Battery 1 Set x Cable ties 1 User Manual English.Specifications Brand BoGeer Model YT 833 Color Red Material ABS Voltage DC3V Battery 1 x Computer Battery AG13 6 x Cable Ties.

3V Backlight Power Supply 2 1.

Included SKU NO128SPAA1PFCPVNAMZ 2842992 Mẫu mã welcomehome 101104.OVER SPEED REMINDER SETTING THE LAST VALUE OF ODOMETER 23.Giới thiệu sản phẩm Digital LCD Backlight Mountain Bike Cycling Light Head + Rear Lamp.Đồng hồ tốc độ dành cho xe đạp đa chức năng Sunding 558A Bạc.Bicycle Speedometer + 5 Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Computer Speedo.

SETTING THE LAST VALUE OF TOTAL TIME LOW BATTERY INDICATOR.Waterproof Digital LCD Computer Cycle Bicycle Bike Cycle Wireless LCD Digital Computer Speedometer Odometer Meter INTL.SLEEP MODE Specifications Color Black + Red Note Sensing distance of the maximum speed,average speed, total riding time, trip time, calorie consumption, current time and date.

Lightweight, durable Specifications SPD Current Speed. up to 80 meters.A wonderful companion for your riding every moment.Stopwatch for you to know the work situation of the maximum speed, average speed ,total riding time, trip time TM Trip time RAT Riding all time CLK Clock 12H 24H 10.MAX Maximum Speed AVS Average speed MXS Maximum speed Th Temperature Sw Stopwatch Specifications Color Black, Blue, Green optional Power source 2 CR2032 battery.Waterproof Digital LCD Bike Bicycle Cycling Computer Odometer Speedometer INTL.